I started writing crossword puzzles following a long hospital stay during which crosswords were my only source of entertainment. I hope you'll find my puzzles fun, clever, and not TOO challenging!

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Available Puzzles 

Old Hollywood Mergers // pdf // acrosslite

Think Pink (Pixels) // pdf // acrosslite

Animal Crossing // pdf

Blues Clues // pdf // acrosslite

Bootleg Boo-tique // pdf // acrosslite

Call Inclusive // pdf // acrosslite // solution

A Crossmas Kiss // pdf // acrosslite // solution

Squarecross [Mini] // pdf // acrosslite // solution

Messed-Up Holiday // pdf // acrosslite // solution

Jedi Breakfast Order // download here

Wedding Roles // pdf // acrosslite // solution

Thanks for puzzling!

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